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Connection through Captivating Storytelling

Rise above the ordinary. Unlock the power of narrative that propels your brand forward, forging lasting relationships with your audience.

The Approach

A Systematic Journey to Captivating Stories

At View from Above, storytelling isn’t just an art; it’s a systematic and intentional journey. We believe in crafting narratives that resonate deeply with your audience, inspiring connections that last.

Discovery Phase:

Uncover Your Essence

Our process begins with thorough research and analysis. We uncover the essence of your brand and the aspirations of your audience. This foundation guides our creative direction.

Emotional Arcs

Craft Captivating Journeys

Just like life, every story has emotional arcs. We meticulously craft narratives that take your audience on a journey of feelings. From excitement to introspection, we ensure a resonant emotional experience.

Visual Language

Amplify Impact with Imagery

The visual language of a story is as important as its words. We meticulously curate visuals that amplify the narrative’s impact, enriching every frame with meaning and emotion.

Strategic Deployment

Target Hearts and Minds

Our narratives are strategically deployed to resonate with your target audience. Through data insights and careful planning, we ensure that your stories reach the hearts and minds that matter most.


Brand Stories

Elevate your brand’s identity with compelling storytelling

Narrative Consulting

Shape narratives that resonate with your audience and goals.

Video Strategy

Utilize data insights to drive content decisions.


Beyond Boundaries – Conscious Gear

From the depths of personal struggles to the exhilarating highs of entrepreneurship and personal triumphs, ‘Beyond Boundaries’ is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Dive into a story that showcases the power of determination, the value of mentorship, and the transformative magic of perseverance. When boundaries are mere starting lines, where will the journey take you?

A Taste of Home – Akadi PDX

Chef Fatou’s culinary expertise is not just about tantalizing the taste buds but also about bridging the gap between cultures. Through Akadi PDX, she has transformed her passion for cooking into a sanctuary for Africans and a cultural hub for locals. Dive into her story of dreams, challenges, and the power of community.

Working with View from Above helped me go from frustrated to confident.

Ita has a gift and a unique way of sharing it as he helps to bring out the story inside of you.

Sandy Pretzlaff

Online Marketing Strategist

Throughout the process, Ita answered all my questions and talked with me through challenges where I was getting stuck on the story.

His experienced guidance helped me make the right decisions with confidence!

Makkeda Deloney

Founder at Dedicated Therapy Services

I am truly overwhelmed with excitement and joy as we covered the groundwork for building my channel.

View From Above Entertainment was very professional, thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate as he works to ensure you are well informed as well as equipped!

Rockisa Brown

RocStar Statuz